Sunday, April 22, 2007


By the way, have you seen Craft Magazine? It's put out by the same whacky folks who do Make, the hacker's version of Popular Mechanics, only instead of instructions on how to build a robot out of Nintendo game-boy, Craft covers...well, it covers crafts.

But cool crafts...after all the mag's motto is "Transforming Traditional Crafts". So you might think crafting means scrapbooking, macrame plant-holders, and glitter. Craft thinks crafting means Tokoyo punk t-shirts, macrame i-pod holders, and wi-fi plushies.

Wi-fi plushies!

Where's my wi-fi plushie, howls Pig? (He might be a plushie, but he has no wi-fi.)

I wonder the same darn thing. I apply to my CTO to find out. But you should apply yourself to Craft. Even if you never actually craft anything out of the magazine, you'll enjoy the time you spent leafing through it and pretending that you shall.

Flora would have no truck with Craft, Valefor would be all over it. He's a crafty kind of denizen, after all.

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Cake said...

Unforunately they're not available publicly until the summer. They do seem to be coming at this from the right way -- they are explicitly making it easier to embedd in other objects. Plus it's linux-based and hackable.