Saturday, April 21, 2007

Flora Segunda Crosses the Pond!

So, at long last, I'm happy to announce that Flora Segunda will be published in the UK in June!

There's been a small title change: gone is my baroque sub-title and in it's place we have: Flora Segunda of Crackpot Hall. I have it on good authority (mine and my British editor's!) that though the text will remain the same, there will be a few additions, including some supplemental material in the back, and a cast of characters listing. Plus, a lovely lovely blurb by the fantastic and fabulous Diana Wynne Jones.

Also, the cover will be different--much different. I do not post a link to the Amazon image here because really it doesn't do the cover justice at all. Firstly, there are two covers; an outside cover with little windows cut into it, through which you can just see the faces of several of the inhabitants of Crackpot Hall. Then when you lift that cover, you will have another cover with a full size of portrait of Flora herself (in a proper redingcote, I might add), as well as deliciously evocative portraits of Buck, Hotspur, Val, Udo and Flynn. Nowdon't expect photographic-type portraits, warts and all;these images are a bit more in the caricature line, but they are really wonderful, and very arresting. The whole package is marvelous and I'm quite excited about it.


PS. oh and the proper spelling has been restored. What have Americans got against the letter U?


Unknown said...

That sounds like an incredible reworking. If us Americans wanted to see it without buying it, do you think all the cool stuff (that is, the pictures) would show up on Amazon?
Wait a moment, I should have looked a little closer...
Oh, so you can see the cover online at Amazon. Ok then. But maybe you could bring along a British copy to Books of Wonder when you go there in May (please?)...

Ysabeau Wilce said...

Alas, I will probably not have an actual copy of the book in my hands by that date, but if I do, I shall be sure to bring it! And alas the interior pictures don't show up on, only the exterior, which don't give a sense of its fabulousity.