Saturday, April 4, 2009


Is it April already? How did that happen? The long long winter is suddenly over, and now, from this side, it don't seem so long. Although, I have to admit that the Captain and I spent six weeks of it in warmer climes (Arizona and Tejas), so we can hardly complain about the winter being so darn long.

And now the little spring buds are budding, and the flowers are flowering, and all will be green again soon.

In other news, once again I am honoured to be on the ballot for the Andre Norton Award, this time for FLORA'S DARE. I guess that's the good thing about publishing a book a year, three years running. If you lose one year, there's always next year. As always, the rest of the ballot is mighty tasty so who knows what my chances are, but at least I ain't up against the JK Rowling juggernaut this time. So there's hope.

Which reminds me, if you haven't read D.M. Cornish's books, you should. LAMPLIGHTER is up for the Norton too, and while I haven't read it, MONSTER BLOOD TATTOO was delicious and contained some of the best world building I've come across in a mule's age. (That's longer than a donkey's age, twice as mean and will wait for years for the chance to kill you.) Also, I'm jealous of the website. It's full of super cool flash, and D.M. Cornish can actually draw so he can do his VERY OWN COVERS. She sighs with jealousy.

In yet other news, I am pleased to say that FLORA'S FURY is finally moving at a steady clip. Now that I've said that no doubt I'll get stymied again, just for spite, but for the moment I am making progress. I had to cut almost 30K words--OUCH--but I have managed to replace almost all of them with better longer and more descriptive words, so it's all copacetic now. I might be over 1/3 of the way done. Woo!

King Baby continues to hold the entire household in thrall. Only Bothwell is immune to his charms. Bothwell knows full well that *he* is the cutest thing in the house. The Captain is merely an upstart.

But I haven't gotten around to watching the final season of BSG. I think I am afraid.

Oh, and The Science Fiction Bookclub is publishing an omnibus edition of FLORA SEGUNDA AND FLORA'S DARE. I love omnibus editions, so I'm super pleased about this. You only seem to get them through book clubs but they are a great way to get a nice hardback chock-a-block with good stuff, to make the reading pleasure last a little longer. Since I can burn through a book very quickly, I am always pleased to have another one waiting in the wings.

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