Sunday, December 21, 2008

Flora and Paimon

The fabulous graphic artist Madama Lea Hernandez has turned her pen to the illustrating of Flora Segunda and Paimon...and kindly allowed me to post said portrait here.

Since I was purposely vague in my description about Paimon (focusing on parts instead of a whole) it is always interesting to see how other see him...And I love Flora's furious fan!

Madama Hernandez writes graphic novels. More of her work can be found here. (How can you not like texas steampunk?) And she has a few other sketches of Flora et al. here. (I like that we are sharing a page with Iggy Pop!).

Many thanks to Madama Hernandez for taking the time to illustrate Flora and her friends, and to allowing me to post the fruits of her labour!


DivaLea said...
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DivaLea said...

Here's the link to the art in large form: