Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

So once again it is that time to consider old bad habits and try to discard them for new (good) habits. Resolutions rarely end up lasting much past February, but still, if you don't resolve to do anything then you'll do nothing.

Hence, my resolutions for this year:
  • Get back into the bloggy habit--at least twice a week
  • Learn military time
  • Finish Flora's Fury
  • Write at least two short stories
  • Clean out my closet
  • Go to Sweden to visit my darling friend Lilla My
  • Take my vitamins every day
  • Get my website cleaned up
Not particularly lofty goals, but sometimes it is better to strive small with hopes of achieving than to reach for the stars and end up flaming out. I'm already working on goal number 2, by switching most of my clocks to military time, thus forcing me to work a conversion before I know what time it is. And this blog post is also a start.

Of such small steps are mighty journeys made.

What about you?

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Unknown said...

All good goals, Ysa. Make sure you include Captain Jenks in the briefing, otherwise he might seek to distract you from duty. Congratulations to you and Devilman, and please pass on a big Welcome to your little boy. Cheers, and best wishes, Lyn Aspey.