Wednesday, June 20, 2007


This week is Shopping Week at The CPG.

I just found the coolest crafty site: Esty. This is a site for people who make cool things to sell them to people who want cool things. Kinda like ebay only without the auctions. Personally, I hate Ebay. If I want something, I wanna put cold card cash on the barrel head and buy that thing I want. I don't want to have wait five days and compete with the faceless millions. So I like sites where if I want something I can just hit add to shopping cart and be on my way. Esty fits this bill nicely.

Check this cool little squidie pendant out. Or how about a plushie Chupacabra? Or a darling little felted lizard?

The artisans at Esty make jewelry, clothing, blank books, toys, you name it. Why buy from a multi-national death corporation when you can help support an artist?

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