Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Elsewhere Amusement!

I'm still boring here, trying to wrap stuff up. I'm soooooo close to finishing my story, but it's sooooo hard to come up with a clever ending. I did, however, complete the plot summary of FLORA REDUX, so that feels like a battle won.

But there's lots of entertainment elsewhere in the Blogoverse. (What a horrible name--can't someone come up with something better?)

Gwenda has plenty of entries to keep you amused. Justine has big news. (Yay, Justine!) Over at the Inferior4 + 1, Paul DiFillipo continues his survey of 1960s literature. The Fug girls are covering the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest--they got some outfits that even Udo wouldn't wear!

And there's always Cute Overload.

So, don't blame the Blogoverse if you are bored.


Cake said...

The Fug Girls are great, surely there has to be a Califan version of them, fussing over lithographs of the Pontifexa.

Ysabeau Wilce said...

Somehow, I think that neither the Pontifexa or the Warlord would find Mesdames Fug to be particularly amusing. The first snarky comment about the Warlord's new white tunic or the trim on the Pontifexa's pelerine, and bam! to the bottom of the Califa City Gaol would the ladies go.