Monday, May 21, 2007

Books of Wonder!

So, today I had the singular honour of reading at Books of Wonder, with Holly Black, Cassandra Clare and Lisa Ann Slidell. The readings went well, the crowd seemed enthused, and I was very happy to meet several people who have been kind and generous with their email support. (You know who you are--! Thanks for coming out!)

I have to confess I'd never been to Books of Wonder before, and I don't know how I had missed out. It's an absolutely fabulous kids' bookstore, chock full of wonderful books and with an enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff. It took all my self control not to load up on books, but I've recently adopted a strict carry-on only flying policy, and when you are personally responsible for loading your own luggage, you do tend to be careful about packing light. So I resisted. But if you should ever been in New York, I strongly urge you to check out Books of Wonder. Ordering books off the internet is fine and dandy, but it is so much more wonderful to actually get to browse the bookshelves in person.

My thanks to all those who helped make the reading a success!

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Unknown said...

You're welcome! Somehow that army chart turned out to be exactly what I needed for my Califa factbook. Altogether, I think forcing myself to go down to NYC cured me of the cold I developed on Friday. And we feel the same way about Books of Wonder.