Sunday, April 22, 2007

All Wet.

Most women hate swimsuits. Still, the history of female swim wear is very interesting and The London Times has a short overview.

Once upon a time, ladies were expected to wear woolen garments that differed only from streetwear in their lack of furbelows or metal underpinnings. Heaven forbid that the public might catch a glimpse of a lady's true figure, unsupported by stays or bustle! After several brave women put their liberty on the line for the cause of not wearing ten pounds of wool into the water, the simple one piece was born.

Next came the battle for the bikini, which proved just as long and arduous at the previous battle had been. Frankly, I think that particular battle could been just as easily been lost. The bikini ushered in a new kind of tyranny--that of the perfect figure.

Sometimes, in fashion, its hard to win.

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Lisa said...

Yeah, I've been looking for one of those cool oldie ones which starts at your shoulders and ends somewhere above the knees.. Prefereably a striped one. I know I saw one in a magazine some years ago, but I guess I wasn't quick enough to buy it until it went out of fashion - again.. Dunno how my figure would look in a wet one, though.