Thursday, March 8, 2007

Query: Weird Califa Names!

At the school visit I did last week, several kids asked me to pronounce some of the weird Califa names. Some of the pronunciations are standard, but some are mine own...

Fyrdraaca = Fur-draaca.
Landadon = Land-athon
Huitzil = Weetzil
Axacaya = Ashakaya
Paimon = Paymon
Valefor = Valayfor
Hadraada = Hathratha
Axila = Asheela
Sangyn = sangin

How do you pronounce all those Gramatica words? Ah, now that would be telling...


Unknown said...

Yeah, but when you're doing your readings do you just fall silent for the invocations or growl or mumble something out or do you stop and explain to the audience that you can't read that part aloud, or what ....? Just really curious about this, since the whole read-work-in-public prospect of promoting one's novel is so daunting to me even without this potential technical dilemma.

Ysabeau Wilce said...

Madama--I will respond to this urgent query in its very own post!