Thursday, March 8, 2007

Query: How to Pronounce Gramatica?

Madama Hamerquist has asked me what I do about the Gramatica vocab when I read aloud...

Good question--wish I had a good answer!

So far I've actually never read any section of the Califa stories that had Gramatica in it...thus, have avoided facing what is arguably a difficult question. Since I am not a magician, I certainly can't speak Gramatica myself, and even if I could--would not--oh too dangerous. I might mispeak and turn someone into oatmeal. Oops, so sorry.

When Flora Segunda was being turned into an audio book, this question came up. Poor audio book people sent me a huge list of weird words that needed pronunciation guides, and then asked me what I wanted to do about the Gramatica. I told them to use their best judgement--as long as the vocab was not readily identifiable as words, they could scramble the narrator's voice, or use musical notes, or whatever they wanted to do. I haven't listed to the final product, so I'm not sure what the end result sounded like.

As for me, I have tentatively decided that if I ever do have to read Gramatica aloud, I shall warn the audience ahead of time that I will not going to speak the magickal words, but instead, will, when I come to them, use some sort of noise-maker as a stand-in. A bell, perhaps. Or maybe, a horn. Or maybe the crack of a whip...The options are endless...

And tooting my own horn, some time ago, the magnificent Delia Sherman posted a very nice review of my KGB reading on her blog...I've never had a problem reading aloud, residual high-school theatre training still lingers, and who doesn't like to be the centre of attention? Not me!

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Unknown said...

I didn't know Flora had gone audio! I'm going to go order or pre-order it right now!

And thanks for the answer. I should've known you'd come up with an inventive way around that.