Saturday, February 24, 2007

I'm Kicking in my New Kicks!

Don't you just love shoes? Yay, yah, it's a female stereotype--girls just love shoes. But why shouldn't the super fantastic girl love shoes? They come in so many cute colors and styles, and if they don't fit--it's the shoe's fault, not yours!

Flora may well be somewhat disparaging about the importance of fashion, but Udo and I agree that while clothes may not make the person, they certainly do help define him/her! And nice shoes are the very foundation of a stylish look.

So, after a heady day of shopping in trendy trendy Bucktown, I am now Little Miss New Shoes, twice-over. Bucktown is where my favorite clothing store in Chicago is located: Robin Richman. Madama Richman is a designer after mine own inner Nini Mo heart--she designs her own line of knit-wear, and stocks many avantgarde European clothing lines--how avantgarde? Well, the lovely young saleslady described one designer's spring line as "clothing from a Victorian insane asylum!"

As though someone read my mind!

Anyway, along with these lovely garments, Madama Richman also stocks leather goods, eclectically strange jewelry made from salvaged Victorian buttons, ribbands and bones, and gothick house goods such as black plates embossed with skulls, and candles scented a la an Opium Den. (These are high class expensive gothick goods, more Momento Mori than Hot Topic.) If I had to describe her overall aesthetic, I would call it Futuristic Neo-Victorian Shaman. In other words, lovely.

(And I fear that my paltry words are not doing justice at all to this wonderful store. If you are at all anywhere near Chicago, please do check it out, even if you are not in the mood to buy, you will see some truly fascinating gorgeous fashion.)

Anyway. Shoes. Madama Richman's boutique also stocks Chie Mihara shoes. Chie Mihara is a Brazilian designer who currently lives in Spain. Her shoes are all somewhat retro, yet at the same time oddly futuristic. They look girlie without being cute, and, best of all, they are highly wearable. They are hand-made to be very comfortable and they almost always have tolerable heel heights. While I have to admit that I love the foot-binding (for all intents & purposes) look of 3 inch heels, I can't wear them to save my life. Chie Mihara's heel heights allow you to look super cute, and yet still walk.

So, I picked up a pair of Chie Mihara Over pumps. I couldn't find a link for these, but think of a low heeled court shoe (pump) that laces across the instep. The shoe came with black laces, but I'm sure I'll replace them with pink ribband. (And that way if I need to administer the Pink Ribband, I'll be prepared!) They are very sweet, yet also tough.

I was also lucky enough to get the very last pair of the Truman boots in Emerald Green on a super fanastic sale. Even Flora, I think, would have to admit these boots are pretty fine. (And so 1870s--I swear I saw an identical pair in purple in the Smithsonian some years ago.) Normally I don't go into knee high boots that lace--too easy to cross from super cute to witchy, and normally I only buy in black, but these boots were clearly the exception that proves the rule.

All together, a kicking day!


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Madison Stuart said...

Oh my lordy, those are gorgeous.

I can't stand to wear heels and I want them.

Ysabeau Wilce said...

I can't stand to wear heels either, but these heels aren't bad at all. Not too high, and since they are rather wide, easy to balance upon. I think wearing high heels is like riding a horse--to do it really instinctively well, you gotta start young.