Saturday, February 24, 2007

More Lymond!

Madama Kushner has found another Lymond Quiz! (How many Lymond Quizes does the world need anyway?) This one calculates which volume of the Lymond Chronicles you might be.

I might be The Disorderly Knights. Which fits in perfectly with my desire to have the face of an angel and the soul of the devil. (Well--maybe not in practice, but in theory it does sound fun--Gabriel certainly seemed to be enjoying himself.) TDK, one will recall, is the volume where Lymond crosses wit with his arch enemy Graham Reid Mallet, aka Gabriel, a member of the Knights of Malta, admit much disorderly hijinks . I am satisfied to be TDK, tho' my favorite volume is the one which follows: Pawn in Frankencensce, because my favorite scene in the entire series in antes the Chess Game. (I shall say no more so as not to fall into the Spoiler Trap myself!)

And speaking of quizzes, these originated in Quizilla, which allows you to create your own entertaining standardized tests, no timer or number two pencil required.

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