Sunday, March 25, 2007


Watch out, boys and girls, thar's a new blog in town! Me, Elizabeth Hand, Lucius Shepard, and the indefatigable Paul Di Filippo are teaming up to create a new joint blog. With that much talent, what else could we call ourselves but theinferior4+1?

Why the "+1"?

Well, comic book afficionados among you may recall the 60s-era superhero bumblers The Inferior Five (pictured above; from left to right: Awkward Man, Merry Man, The Blimp, White Feather, and the oh-so-politically incorrect Dumb Bunny). Since there are only four of us (which makes us even more inferior!), we decided to occasionally invite guest bloggers to chime in, bringing us up to the level of our models, much like Madama Wilce, who is inferior to no one, has allowed me to post occasionally here.

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Ysabeau Wilce said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere! I don't believe for a minute that a blog with such firepower can truly be called "Inferior" but your humbleness does you all credit! I'm eager to partake of the pearls of wisdom falling from your collective lips..!