Sunday, July 14, 2013

Let's play what's in her dispatch case.

  • a black light scorpion flashlight
  • wallet
  • a packet of Snoopy brand tissues
  • appointment book
  • pen case full of pins
  • case with knife, fork & spoon (I hate plastic)
  • iphone charger
  • bag of nuts
  • bag of Gail Ambrosius cocoa covered dried cherries
  • Little My coin purse 
  • 2 bars of Dandelion chocolate 
  • Power block battery charger
  • five lipsticks
  • collapsible bag 
  • 7 pens of various descriptions and hues
  • the menu from Delica, scribbled with reading suggestions from Sarah Gran
  • Kindle Fire
  • notebook 
  • black sparkly headband
  • green toy car missing its wheels
  • Kindle fire charger
  • Ikea pencil
  • Thermos bottle full of ice tea
  • Binoculars
  • Sunglasses
Nini Mo would say: "Where's your knife?" That's a good question...where is my knife...I must have taken out when I flew last and not put it back in...

So what's in YOUR dispatch case? 


Christie said...

In my bag (which is less dispatchy and more slouchy):

1 blue notebook for story things
1 black Moleskine for journal things
1 pen
Red lipstick
Coin purse full of euro coins and a flash drive
a hairbrush
a shocking pink iPod
"Rivers of London"
a packet of Raffaelo coconut truffles
various ephemera about things going on in Berlin.
And occasionally, an umbrella, because this city likes its rainy days.

Ysabeau Wilce said...

Approve of shocking pink Ipod. Also approve of umbrella, but, of course, that's no good to Flora, as officers aren't allowed to carry umbrellas while in uniform.