Monday, May 14, 2012

The Sun Signs In Brief:

Loliga: Squirmy and slick, tentacles surround.
Oso: Sleepy and stout, but fast as fury when aroused.
Coyote: Clever and cunning, brimming with fun.
Azote: Snappy and sharp, cracking with heat.
Jaguar: Long and lean, softly from behind, stealthily and still.
Aparajo: Solid and bearable, lift that load.
Mariposa: Glittering and giddy, bright colours flashing.
Zarig├╝eya: Patient and pragmatic, sitting very still.
Martillo: Lofty and looming, but always with a point.
Alacran: Stingy and red, quick to bite.
Culebra: Force and fire, all that lives delights.

From The Bilskinir Gazette

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