Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's old Arivaipa again, again
It's old Ariviapa again
They don't do the Califa dip
But they'll shoot you from the hip
Back in Old Arivaipa again, again

It's old Arivaipa again, again
It's old Arivaipa again
Full of outlaws and bad bad men
You've been there before
And you are coming back once more
Back to old Arivaipa again, again

Traditional Army of Califa Song 


Emma Bull said...

This seems like an appropriate post to leave this comment on.

I'm reading Flora's Fury, and specifically her arrival at Fort Sandy. I had to find a way to tell you my hat is off to you.

I've read a bunch of Arizona history, and recently binged on the novels of Charles King, who drew on his own experiences as a cavalry officer in the Dakotas and Arizona Territory for the settings and details of his work. I'd say you've nailed army life in old Arizona splendidly. Okay, with the addition of ice elementals and chupacabras. But maybe King was holding a few things back. And I bet his command of Grammatica vocabulary was shaky at best.

Thanks for another terrific account of Flora's adventures. If she doesn't end up the heroine of her own series of yellowbacks, it won't be through any shortcomings of her own!

Ysabeau Wilce said...

I've sort of let this blog die, so didn't see your comment until now. Thank you so much...I very appreciate that you very appreciated a few details that no one else ever noticed. I have no doubt that King was holding quite a bit back, altho' maybe not necessarily ice elementals and chupacabras! And who says history is good for nothing?!