Monday, May 7, 2012

I must now say a few words about my beautiful lovely wonderful website

It was created several years ago, and perfectly reflected, I thought, my writing, world building, and aesthetics. I was very pleased and proud of it and everyone who visited it thought it was just swell.

But alas time marched on and the website remained the same, and other things happened (more books, ipads, death of flash etc.), and I let it slide, ignoring it, while it waited like a neglected child for me to return. And when I did return finally, and began to take steps to update it, I discovered that, much like Dorian Grey, while the exterior was shiny and glamorous, the inside was rotten. (Inexact metaphor but you know what I mean.) The underlying code was so bad that the website could not be updated.

Now Porkopolis was not built in a day, Nini Mo didn't become a legend over night, and rebuilding the site is going to take time.

But never fear. You shall not be completely without me. In the interim, to be up-to-date, we have added a new portal page with information regarding FLORA'S FURY and links to my various social media personalities. We'll be juicing up the portal even more in coming days, with all sorts of delicious extras. I will continue to flog my stuff on The Califa Police Gazette, Twitter, and Facebook frequently.

When the glorious day of the relaunch comes, everyone will be informed.

Your indulgence is appreciated.

Your obt. svt.,

Y.S. Wilce

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