Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Great Review from Booklist!

The final book of the trilogy that began with Flora Segunda (2007) and Flora’s Dare (2008) is a roller coaster ride, tying together loose ends while bowling over readers with the inventive language, complex history, and intriguing culture of a richly imagined fantasy world. Flora casts a blood spell to find her true mother and eventually succeeds, but the road to that reunion is paved with ghostly octopi, a rude but attractive were-bear, Flora’s near death at the hands of a villainous Birdie, and the transformation of sidekick Udo from feckless fop to dashing leading man. Though the romance is predictable, this remains a charming conclusion to a fine fantasy series. Northern Californians especially will appreciate Wilce’s unique take on a magical, Spanish-influenced culture imposed on Bay Area geography.
— Debbie Carton

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