Wednesday, April 25, 2012

From the Alta Califa, morning edition, Saturday last:

The Pacifica Mail & Express Company is now seeking to offer employment to stout-hearted young men and women who are not troubled by danger, hardship or tight-deadlines. The largest delivery company in the Waking World, the PM&E is known for allowing no impediment to stand in the way of a speedy and careful delivery of the mail with which it is entrusted. Agents for the PM&E must be clever, adaptable, determined, and without close family ties. Competitive salaries paid to those who make the grade, along with bonuses, bounties, shares and guaranteed burial expenses. Candidates should apply to Sieur Kiernan Wraathmyr, Chief Agent, the Pacifica Mail & Express Company Main Office, Pier 12, the Embarcadero.

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