Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another Fine Review...

Another great review of FLORA'S Dare, this time from Wordcandy.

There's no higher praise that a writer can receive, IMHO, then that the reviewer thought the middle book of a trilogy was not just a middle book of a trilogy. It's so hard to get that bridge right--you aren't starting the story (Book I) , and you aren't finishing the story (Book 3), so the temptation to make Book 2 just filler is pretty strong. I tried super hard to make Book 2 not just filler, but rather to give it a heft and importance of its own. So, I'm very happy that, as far as this reviewer was concerned, I succeeded!

Also, also, I was super pleased that to see that Wordcandy's "Author of the day" was one of my own personal favorites, the now oft' overlooked Mary Stewart. In my salad days, I loved her books--so gothic, so atmospheric, and so proto-feminist!--and even tho' my salad is slightly wilted now, I love her still. Wordcandy recommends NINE COACHES WAITING but my favorite Stewart book is THE GABRIEL HOUNDS. Tho' her most famous series is probably the Merlin trilogy, I never quite got into those books. With the exception of THE ONCE AND FUTURE KING (ranked among my biggest influences) and LE MORT D'ARTHUR, Arthurian legends never really did much for me. I was much more interested in gothic melodrama--and unsurprisingly, still am!


Unknown said...

I'm glad you're cross-posting here, although it looks like all your comments are going to livejournal.

Unknown said...

... Flora is a trilogy? and not a series?

I am entirely distraught!