Monday, December 10, 2007

Paper vs. Plastic, Part II

(it seems to be Environmental week here at the CPG Society Page--!)

Interesting article at the NYTimes on whether buying local is always good for one's carbon footprint--the equation is slightly more complicated than one might think...About six months ago The Economist ran a similar article, so I'd already been considering most of the points raised in the Times article. I would not by any stretch call myself an environmentalist--maybe barely environmentally conscious, but I suppose it certainly behooves all us to think about our own actions regarding the environmental impact of our choices, and thus am I thinking.

On the other hand, if you think too hard about the various contradictions, trade-offs, conflicting reports, etc., you'll soon find yourself completely paralyzed--crushed with guilt for whatever choices you might make! Have you ever noticed that these days EVERYTHING is Bad for You, Bad for the Country, Bad for the Environment, Bad Bad Bad...?

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