Saturday, December 22, 2007

Nebula Recommendations...

So I add my voice to the growing chorus of reminders that Nebula nominations close on the 31st, and for all you SFWAwifians out there--this is your big chance to make your dues seem worthwhile, and also, more importantly, to bring to wider attention the high-lights of your reading year.

It takes ten recommendations to put a work on the preliminary ballot. There's lots of good stuff on the Recommended List that only need a few more nominations to nudge it over that threshold--including, (dare I say), FLORA SEGUNDA, which is currently standing at nine recommendations...(!!)

Check out the report, which is available on the SFWA website, and see if there is anything you feel strongly enough about to put your recommendation behind. The Andre Norton Award in particular could use some love...we are in the middle a golden age of YA books, and not much is ending up on the ballot via the nomination process. I realize I'm as guilty of this as anyone, and I've made it my new year's resolution to rectify that fact. The Norton hasn't been around that long, and is still in the process of sinking into the SFWAian fore-brain--so let's try to see if we can raise the Award's profile a bit...

If you were thinking about nominating anything at all--novel, short story, novella, novelette, young adult--now is the time. After the 31st, it's all shoulda wouda counda. The Nebs are one place that your vote really does count.

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