Monday, December 10, 2007

The Goddess of Love

I can't help it; I adore Courtney Love. Ayah, so she's done some super crazy things, some of which are horrible and not to be applauded, but, you know, I still love her. She's like the last great rockstar, and her music is incredible. Doll Parts remains one of my favorite songs. She is clearly beset with the same issues as most modern women, including body image, motherhood, money-management, and dating, but she's played out these issues in an incredibly public way in an arena that even today remains pretty male-centric. (Rock and roll). She's a Dionysian gal in an increasingly Apollonian world.

And Madama Love is pretty self-aware too, and amazingly lucid, considering everything, as this interview in the Telegraph attests. Consider this quote: "I used to play up to it a bit when I was on drugs because who cares: sex, drugs, rock?'n'roll, waaaah! I always seem to come number two to Keith Richards in lists of greatest hell-raisers of all time. But if I was a guy, I wouldn't even be on the list! I didn't know it was such a guy's job. It's like playing football in high heels and lipstick; no wonder it smears.'"

Ayah, so.

Plus when was the last time a celebrity blogged so candidly about money? Apparently she's got some ID theft and credit score problems, and she's offering herself up as an example of why women should keep track of their own finances. (You have to click through to get to her blog--her typing is hit or miss but her entries are always interesting.)

That Madama Love is alive today at all is a credit to her survival skills; she seems to be in a up-turn phase right now and I hope it continues. And I'm looking forward to her next album, which is supposed to be out next year.

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Unknown said...

I haven't followed her too closely, but everything I've ever read or seen about her has been endearing. E.g., I seem to recall she's a fan of Snow Crash, one of my favorite cyberpunk novels, so she must have good taste in literature (says I). Also, I've always had it in my beady brain that she was the singer I once happened to catch whilst strolling through a punk festival in Waterfront Park in Portland just as she was screaming, "I need you like I need a Urinary Tract Infection!!!" I thought that was a great line ... obviously, since I still remember it 15 years later. By the way, I'm glad you're still posting here because I haven't yet figured out how to get into live journal. I will eventually. This working two jobs is a PITA!