Monday, August 20, 2007

Valefor Morado...

So, the fabulous Ozark Storm has sent me my first ever piece of fan-art--obviously, it's Valefor in all his glory. The artist has perfectly captured Valefor's sly smile, ragged hem and poetically disheveled hair. And Purpleness. Very much with the Purpleness. I think it's a fine portrait, and I think its subject would think so too--he might complain it was a bit small (twenty feet by twenty feet might be too small) but that's all he could complain about. He looks pretty good for a banished denizen.

You should also check out Ozark's weirdly wild Mind Flayed comic strip. To illustrate the coolness of this comic, I need say only one word: tentacles.

Thank you, Ozark!

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