Tuesday, July 24, 2007


  • Adios, Harry. Don't let the door hit you on the hinder as you leave.
  • The Angry Island: Hunting the English, by A.A. Gill. After reading reviews, I expected something a bit angrier. Anecdotal books are always better if they are loaded with anecdotes, even if these anecdotes are totally anecdotal. So it's weird when an anecdotal book doesn't actually contain a lot of anecdotes. The author's photo is pretty angry, tho. (He looks just like Lymond's daddy.)
  • Pig and I are sick that we missed The Chap & Hendrick's 2007 Olympiad. Pig is sure that he would have won the Martini KnockOut Relay handily. (We hates vermouth.) Next year for sure. Pig has already ordered his plus-fours.
  • Meadowlands. As reviews have pointed out, the show, which chronicles the lives of a people in witness protection who have been confined to a cheerful British sub-division, is rather Twin Peaks Lite. However, it gets points for some of the best decorator porn I've seen in a while (all the interiors are straight out of Living, Etc.) and I am now seriously considering painting our living room emerald green and replacing our chandelier with a hot pink plastic dome light. Anyway, since there's nothing much else good on TV right now, so we'll probably keep watching the show, and maybe I'll get a few more decorator tips.
  • Ratatoullie. The rat was cute, and the animation incredible, but the star of the show was Peter O'Toole, whose voice alone should be considered a National Treasure. I suddenly have the urge to go watch Lawrence of Arabia again. O'Toole and Sharif. Deep sigh. "Of course it hurts...the trick is not to mind."
  • (I don't like rataoullie.)
  • But I do like Goat's Milk Yoghurt--yummm!

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Cake said...

From an American perspective, shouldn't O'Toole be described as a "Pan-National Treasure" or "Multi-National Treasure"?