Thursday, June 21, 2007

These Boots...

The WSJ today has an article about Frye Boots coming back into style. (You gotta pay to read, so no link to actual article.)

Frye boots, you may recall, were the boots of the '60s. Revolutionaries with even their consciousnesses raised ditched their penny loafers and stiletto heels for Frye's engineer or harness boots. According to the WSJ, Frye boots are so identified with '60s idealism that a pair is enshrined in the Smithsonian. Now, after several years of Manolo-enforced high heel tyranny, Frye boots--and boots in general--are back.

Once again, I am ahead of the fashion curve! On my feet, boots never went out of style. Who doesn't feel more stompy in a pair of boots? If your feet are well guarded by leather and steel toes, then you can tackle just about anything. A girl--just like a ranger--should be prepared, and boots will see you through. There's no danger that can't be faced by a girl in a pair of good hinder-kickers.

  • Glass on the sidewalk? Pah!
  • Mouse caught in a glue trap! Wah!
  • Newsprint on fire? Huh!
  • Rattlesnake about to strike? Try!
  • Running like a bat-outa-hell from falling debris? Yep!
  • Five inch deep puddle? Pooh!
  • Horse stepped on your toe? Yow!
(Even steel-toed boots won't do much for you when a thousand pound equine stomps his foot upon yours, alas.)

Ayah, so sandals keep your tootsies cool, and high heels make you wiggle when you walk. But the first sign of trouble and you and your feet are woefully unprepared. After 911, remember all those photos of abandoned fashionable shoes? They looked cute in the office, but their owners walked back to Queens, Brooklyn, the Upper West Side in their bare feet. It's a tough rough world we live in--you never know what you might encounter.

I'm amazed when I see people get on a plane or ride the subway with flip-flops. Ayah, it's easier to get through security--but what if something happens and you must--Califa forbid--walk over rubble, debris, the third rail. Do you want to do that in your bare feet? Have fun. Better well-shod than sorry, said Nini Mo, and I'm sticking with her.

Personally, I am not a big fan of Frye's boots. I don't like the heel much. My current boots of choice are Timberlands. I'm also a fan of the Justin lace-up roper. I adore my Doc Martens, but I don't wear them much anymore as I want them to last forever, and I really put them through their paces back in my salad days. I also have a pair of Justin cowboy boots but they have a riding heel on them, which isn't that comfortable to walk in. (Cowboys don't walk, ya know, so the height of the heel is of no account to them.) I do not have sparkly red boots, tho'. Therein lies get 'em on and they may not come off...

Boots are good. Boots make you feel prepared and tough. They leaven sweetness with menace. And, of course, they are made for walking. And one of these days....


Anonymous said...

Aside from riding boots, my feet haven't been out of Doc Martens for about twenty years now. Although I admit I rarely wear the boots, just the Oxford and sandal styles. With the boots I always have trouble with the tongues wrapping uncomfortably around my ankles. (I was pleased to see that my favorite singer, PJ Harvey, has HER Docs' tongues wrapped around HER lovely ankles in one of her CD photos, so it's not just me I guess.) I remember the days of Frye boots but couldn't afford them. Also remember the days I used to wear high heels. And panty hose. And spandex minis. Ah, foolish youth. It's a wonder we survive it.

Lisa said...

I just say Fat Baby Boots!

Ysabeau Wilce said...

I meant to mention Fat Baby boots--but I forgot. So now, yes, funky mean Fat Baby boots!

Hannah said...

>Ayah, so sandals keep your tootsies cool...But the first sign of trouble and you and your feet are woefully unprepared.

Ohhhhhhh. I wear Keen sandals and I can do _anything_ in those.

Well. The toes are a little big for rock climbing, and there's no heel for horseback riding. But run? Stomp? Kick somebody? Ohhhh, yes.

But I've always wanted a pair of stompy boots, too.

- Hannah

tanita✿davis said...

Now having DEEP Timberland lust. MUST have stompy high boots to wade through ankle-deep crunchy leaves. As much as I love summer, I just got a major longing for autumn.

Six years at summer camp has thoroughly cured me of any Western fetish, however - no pointy toes for me, but the fatbabies are cute.

Ysabeau Wilce said...

I'm not really into the pointy toes either. Sure, they're good for putting someone's eye out, but if you aren't riding, they are not very necessary. As far as the seasons go, like Stevie Nicks (another lady who knows footwear), I wear boots all summer long!