Monday, June 11, 2007

Must Obey the Taco Man!

Robert Rodriquez read my mind!

Just yesterday I was thinking--you know, I should really learn how to make flour tortillas. I love flour tortillas but you just can't get decent ones in Chicago; the kind you can buy in the stores are just hideous. Anyway, somehow Sieur Rodriquez heard me thinking that I wished I knew how to make flour tortillas, and he kindly decided to show me how via his Ten Minute Cooking School: Sin City Breakfast Tacos.

Sieur Rodriquez is one talented guy He's a director, writer, editor, musician, producer, actor, cinematographer, and somehow he finds time to cook too. And he has five kids! Is there nothing this man can not do?

And once I've mastered the delicious breakfast tacos, he's going to show me how to make Puerco Pibil!

ps. And if you didn't go see Grindhouse in the theatre, then shame on you.


eden said...

You are a visionary, lady!!!

Kyle and I totally make those breakfast tacos all the time!! And the puerco pibil! In fact, if you google "puerco pibil", Kyle's website is 4th on the list! Woo!

(FYI--there's a little trick to the tortillas... Robert Rodriguez is a smidge off in his recipe-- use a little less water and a little more baking powder :))

Ysabeau Wilce said...

I googled and saw Kyle's website--that's hilarious. Great minds are thinking if only we could harness this power...!