Friday, June 29, 2007

Cowboy Up!

I thought it was common knowledge that cowboys only wear Wrangler jeans.

Apparently the NYT only just got the memo last week.

Still, their survey of the history of Wrangler jeans is interesting; I still find it amazing that a garment that was once both ulitatarian and low-class has now become a uniform. I was recently in downtown Chicago, and I stood on a street counter and counted the number of people who walked crossed the street during the green light NOT wearing jeans. Of about forty people, the non-jeans tally was three.

I hate jeans, and I never wear them. There are no jeans in Califa, because it's my made-up world and I hate jeans. I'd rather wear a corset than wear jeans--a corset is more comfortable. I understand that if you are driving cattle, or riding bulls that jeans probably offer the best comfort and protection. But I am not driving cattle, nor riding bulls, nor are most of the people I see wearing jeans. I think for jeans to look good they require a certain type of figure--the male figure. Girls who are built like men (or twelve year old boys) look fine in jeans. A woman not built like a man (or a twelve year old boy) looks terrible in jeans. Ladies, invest in a nice linen skirt and throw off your denim shackles! Unless, of course, you are driving cattle or riding bulls, in which case I say: by all means, wear jeans. Just make sure you cowboy up and wear Wranglers.

(Also--please don't tuck your jeans into your boots. Where I come from that's a hanging offense.)

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Unknown said...

i completely agree with you that jeans are the most uncomfortable thing to wear & it completely boggles my mind as to why so many people wear jeans. Even all the way here in india, all the youth wears is jeans! I definitely feel it's like a uniform and we all profess to hate uniforms. It's the biggest irony!