Monday, June 4, 2007

Best Short Novels of 2007!

So, I just got my author's copy of the Science Fiction Book Club's edition of Best Short Novels, 2007, edited by the illustrious Jonathan Strahan.

Sieur Strahan kindly tapped Lineaments of Gratified Desire for inclusion in this weighty tome, but I didn't see a full TOC until today.

Boy, am I in good company!

Other contributors include Kage Baker, Robert Reed, Chris Robinson, Robert Charles Wilson, Michael Swanwick, Cory Doctorow and Jeffrey Ford. Truly some legends in the field.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I might find myself with such fine companions--tho' Hardhands might consider it only his due, I'm not quite as certain of of my fabulousity as he is. (Speaking of whom, I was tickled to see our hero described on the fly leaves as a "big-hair rocker"--Ronnie James Dio, eat your heart out!)

I'm not sure that this book is available on the open market; I believe you may have to belong to the Science Fiction Book Club to get your paws upon it, but if you are already a member, here's your chance for some pretty good reading, which my story may contribute to, but only as a part of a greater whole.



Unknown said...

Damn! Say it ain't so! I just canceled my SFBC membership. But wait! All is not lost ... I think one of my cousins still gets it. I shall impose upon him to order if Amazon fails. Because somehow or other I have to get my hands on that one. It's been eluding me for, like, years.

Cake said...

Congrats -- I always found something iconic about the science fiction book club, because that's how so many people I knew got exposed to science fiction.