Saturday, June 23, 2007

Another View of Boots

Cake here. Madama Wilce's post about boots got me about one domain of human activity where boots are almost a life-or-death requirement: motorcycles. Madama Wilce's litany of perilous situations faced by the young lady of adventure is indeed imposing, but none of them match up to watching your foot get crushed under hundreds of pounds of iron and chrome because of a lack of sensible footwear.

Given that the motorcycle world is as much about style as it is about speed, the variety of choices are quite impressive.

For the cruiser crowd, the Frye-style engineer boots are a popular default choice, especially with a little Harley style encrusted on them.

These are what I have: Sidi On-Road. They're a sensible choice, somewhat subtle, and comfortable to walk in. Madama Wilce even accepts them as sensible business footwear during CPG staff meetings.

However, the most interesting boots are the ones targeted at racing and motorcross. For such specialized activities, walking isn't a big issue, and so boots can rise to levels of S&M-meets-Power Rangers glory like this pair, or shoot for a "feminine-friendly" approach like this pair (it's girls only!) and even incorporate a near-Mr. Yuck face like this pair.

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