Thursday, May 10, 2007

Synopsis Hell.

Un-fun things like a synopsis, and stuff. How do you boil down 400 pages into 2 paragraphs? By leaving all the good stuff out, I guess.

You know:

Boy means Girl. Parents say No. They die.
Guy takes long sea voyage. Meets Whale. Ship sinks.
Creepy old man kidnaps obnoxious young girl. He goes to jail. She dies.
Cattle drive to Montana. Many people die.

Yawn. Where's the swordplay, musings on whiteness, the murderous prose style? Cut out, that's where. Cut to the bone, so there's no meat left, just chewy sinew, yuck.

But it's got to be done, sigh.

And yeah--my story isn't quite done yet, you knew it, didn't you? I was crowing about being so close, and I am so close but close only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades and tactical nukes. But I am close--which is better than being far, no?

That's all I got, kids.

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