Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cruising down the Slot!

Check out this cool film of a horse-car cruising down the Slot towards the Embarcadero, shot a few years into Flora's future. Is that Udo on the white horse? And who is that dumb kid who runs and jumps on the back of that phaeton and clings there for several blocks?

Also, I think the Warlord should invest in some traffic lights. Or at the very least some traffic bulls. Some of those drivers are crazy.

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Unknown said...

On what I would describe as a related note, Google Maps now provides a street view function for some cities in the U.S.: NYC, Denver, Vegas, and...most importantly...Califa (I hope you know what I mean)! This feature, which is fairly well explained, covers the entirety of the Presidio, so you can attempt to trace Flora's step...if you can just find Building 56. I think I might have, but I'm not sure.