Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dirty Wow-Wow Contest!

Dirty Wow-Wow is the name that Ten Speed Press has given to the "shabby stuffed toys" that you've been holding onto since childhood. (Ain't you ashamed for thinking anything else?)

Now in honor of the publication of Dirty Wow Wow and Other Love Stories Ten Speed press is running a Dirty Wow-Wow contest.

Submit a picture of your dirty wow-wow, and a short description and you could win a copy of the book. Some of the wow-wows submitted are pretty scary, others pretty worn, but all well-loved. And I was heartened to know that I am not the only adult who still must have her wow-wow close by to protect her while she sleeps. (Who knows what lurks beneath the bed...)

My wow-wow is The Bear with No Name. He was rescued from a bin of stuffed animals at the Community Thrift store on Valencia Street, and purchased for a quarter by my best friend Nini, about fifteen years ago. He was clearly somebody's bear, who had ended up in the discount bin by accident. Perhaps he was discarded by an evil stepmother. His eyes are sunken into his matted fur, and he has an extremely large head. Also, he's never had a bath. He travels with me everywhere and I don't know what I would do with him. He doesn't smoke cigarillos, but I guess I should probably get him a poncho.

(Pig wishes to make it crystal clear to everyone that he ain't nobody's wow-wow.)

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