Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Writing Along, She is Writing Along!

I have girt on my armour and I'm writing along, so I might not be posting much today. My brilliant idea has so far remained a brilliant idea, and I'm about 1600 words into it. Woo! Only another 5400 words to go!

People who know me well will be amazed that I agreed to write a story in 7,000 words or less, but it seemed like a good challenge. All my other stories have checked in at least 12,000 words and one of them was even more than that. I like my short fiction the way I like my novels: long long long.

Trying to keep it short is not my forte. But editors of anthologies are not always super keen on super long stuff--it means they don't have much room for variety. Plus, a writer should at least pretend to be versatile, and stretch once in a while. Or in my case, compress. A very clever writer of my acquaintance once told me: when you get good at what you write, better start writing something you are bad at. Good advice, but very ego-bruising. It's hard to let go of your strong points and risk failure.

Anyway, off I go. Wish me luck!

(And those who wanted more Buck will be pleased to know they are getting more Buck!)

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Unknown said...

Woo! Good luck! Sending karma your way!