Friday, April 27, 2007


  • Poor poor little mousie. I hope mousie is in heaven, and the guy who did this Elsewhere. (Don't click on link if you have strong friendly feelings towards mice or strong unfriendly feelings towards taxidermy.)
  • Puppy dog tails! The NYT reports scientists have discovered that dogs wag their tails to the right side of their hinders when they are happy. When they are not so happy, their tails wag to the left. I've been scientifically observing Bothwell and thus can verify these findings. (Why is the generic dog name Spot?)
  • New Caprica discovered!
  • Flora Segunda got a lovely review in this month's Realms of Fantasy magazine. (Which, judging from its adverts should maybe actually be called Realms of Romantic Vampire Fantasy. I had no idea neck-rippers were so popular.)
  • Cake invents a new word! Fillogy: a trilogy that started out as one book and was then filled out to become three at the publisher's request.
  • Think the TSA is gonna notice this?
  • We want an Urban Cocoon!
  • Eau de Chocolat! Everything you ever wanted to know about 18th century Nouvelle French cooking.

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Unknown said...

Hi Madama: I couldn't get to the RoF review for some reason. Any chance you could post it someday? I always like to see my good taste corroborated ....

And what IS it with publishers wanting trilogies and series so darn bad? As a reader I'd rather see unpadded self-contained stand-alones followed, if warranted, by unpadded self-contained sequels (and I know I'm not alone on this). As a writer I would be horrified to be under contract to such pressure --- unless, of course, I already had all three books as good as written. You'd think that publishers would be more leery of encouraging fill, even if they believe they can sell more books that way. I think it can easily backfire on all concerned. If the reader gets fed up and the writer's reputation suffers, sales will eventually drop off.

On the other hand, there are a few writers who do the filling so delectably I'm happy to gobble it up even if it was just slathered in there to plump the wordcount.