Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Silver Whales!

Ah, the Airstream Trailer. Ever since we stayed in a trailer in the Shady Dell Motel & RV Park in Bisbee, Arizona, Devilman has been longing for his own land-yacht. Though his specific desire centers on a Spartan Mansion, an Airstream might do in a pinch.

Alas, we have no way to pull a land-yacht, nor anywhere to park it, so we must continue to dream, but there is something extremely seductive about the coziness of a vintage trailer. We went to the big RV show last fall and were not impressed with the current crop of trailers and rvs. They are all plastic wood and big screen tvs; formica and queen size beds. No comparison to the sleek silver lines of an Airstream or the real wood paneling of a Spartan mansion. Not to mention the futuristic mercury colored pod potty.

The trailers at the Shady Dell are all restored in period style, right on down to the chenille bedspreads and the old black and white tvs that have been cleverly retrofitted to play video tapes of old 50s tv shows. By far about the coolest place we've ever stayed. If you are ever anywhere near Bisbee, it's worth the detour.

I love the final quote of the Times article: "The Airstream can be seen as a symbol of the best and worst qualities of traveling Americans: the willingness to go anywhere tempered by the simultaneous wish never to leave home."

So true, but I prefer to consider that the best of both worlds. You can see the world and sleep in your own bed at night!

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Unknown said...

It's weird how much you remind me of my cousin in the things you post about. She's a big Airstream fan too. Sometime you might want to check out her blog, Marysgreatideas. Used to be the other bookworm of my generation, but sadly I think she's given up fiction for blogging.