Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Army of Califa ACP File.

Cyrenacia Sidonia Romney Brakespeare ov Haðraaða. Appointed Cadet, Bennica Barracks, 1413. Third Lieutenant, Provisional, Scouting Corps, 1415. Hurtle Champion, 1416, 1417. Graduated 1/123, Bennica Barracks 1417. Appointed First Lieutenant, Alacran, 1417. Promoted Captain, Alacran, 1418. Promoted Major, Alacran, 1433. Promoted Colonel, Alacran, 1434. Promoted Commanding General of the Army of Califa, 1435.


Fort Gehenna, Arivapia, 1417-1418 (AAQM, CS, AOO); Fort Jones, Trinity, 1420-1425. (AAQM, AAAG, AOO, CS); Border Paderoll Duty, 1425-1428. Prisoner of War, 1428-1429. On Leave, 1430. Quartermaster General of the Army of Califa, 1430-1433. Commander of the Line & Commanding General of the Army of Califa, 1435-1437. Died 1439.


Warlord’s Hammer 1418; Warlord’s Hammer 1425. Warlord’s Hammer 1430. 156 Scalps.

Residences: Bilskinir House; Building Fifty Six, Presidio of Califa.

Clubs: Army & Navy Club; Madam Rose's Flower Garden.

Spouse: Banastre Micajah Haðraaða ov Brakespeare. Leman: Reverdy Fyrdraaca ov Fyrdraaca. Issue: None.

Nicknames: La Azota, (The Whip), Butcher Brakespeare.

From Cullen's Register of Officers, Both Staff and Line, Army of Califa. Information taken from Appointment, Commission, and Promotion File, Adjutant General's Office, Army of Califa.


Anonymous said...

Cool! I see a novel ... or two or three or four ... in there somewhere.

Unknown said...

Very cool! We could use that for multiple characters...

Ysabeau Wilce said...

Erika--You do indeed see a novel. Or two.
Josh: I have, I have...