Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Ever since the Badtz Maru mersh got thin on the ground, I've been feeling pretty pouty. Hello Kitty et al. are fine and dandy, when you are feeling pink. But when you are feeling both Cute and Evil, there's nothing like an angry penguin.

Well, now I feel a bit better.

Monokuro Boo aren't quite as menacing as Badtz, but they are black and white, and there are two of them. Double the trouble. Their expressions are ambiguous. Are they waiting to be sure? Are they thinking about eating your liver? Are they bored? And they've got quite a bit of mersh.

So, I'll make due with the pigs, until Badtz gets out of lock-down and is strolling down the streets of Gorgeoustown once more.

1 comment:

Paul Witcover said...

welcome back, ysa! And thanks for letting me play in your sandbox whilst you and pig were away!