Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Dog Days of February Linger!

Honestly, Devilman promised me that as soon as March 1st arrived it would be Spring.

Liar, Liar, Trews on Fire!

The calendar may say March 6th, but it really is secretly February 18th. We've had snow, and rain, and thunder and snow, and on Friday we drove to Mad City in an Arctic blizzard. Cars were strewn by the side of the highway, over under sideways down, all the way from Rockford to Janesville. Lake Monona was frozen solid--Bothwell was amazed. He stood on the shoreline and looked out, and you could almost hear him thinking: this giant white field--it wasn't here last time I was here. We had one day of sun and relative warmth. Then, it snowed more last night, and now it's 18 degrees.

This is Not Fair.

I want the global warming to come back. It's hard to summon up any energy to care about melting ice caps when its 18 degrees. No ice caps are melting here, let me tell you.

No doubt in five months I'll be sweltering in 105 degree 100 percent humidity summer and being frozen will sound fun. Right now it's just plain cold.

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