Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Corporate Shill: Minty Water!

Metromint, my favorite bottled water, has just introduced two new flavours: orange-mint and lemon-mint.

While I don't like either quite as much as I like the original spear/peppermint, no doubt they shall grow on me, as did their green and blue brethren.

Yes, I know bottled water is destroying the planet one drop of polycarbon at the time, but if your tap water was pumped out of Lake Michigan too you'd understand the appeal. No filter in the world can help that water. So solace my hydrated guilt, I do try to recycle the bottles.

And while I usually try to rise above corporate shilling, I really like this stuff, and, if it's a choice between Metromint and Dasani, well--the choice is clear. Trust Coke to put salt in their bottled (tap) water! Yuck!

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