Saturday, February 3, 2007

Interlude: New CPG Features!

In the interest of entertaining my readers (currently numbering only three!) I have decided to inaugurate two new regular features, which I hope will provide plenty of infotainment for those who have honored me by checking in here regularly. You know who you are--thank you!

New Feature Number 1:

Poking around on other blogs, I've noticed that some writers get lots of questions from their one's asking me any questions (pout)--so I figure I'll ask myself questions, and after a while maybe some one who is not me will pipe up with a query or two.

Questions can be about anything, butI reserve the right to stick with those I know the answer to. How do you query me? Send me an email...And keep it nice and clean, please...

New Feature Number 2:
Here's where I burble on uninterrupted about all things Califa--geography, history, characters, food, fashion, etc. The whys and the wherefores, and what exactly was I thinking? Questions re: Califa stuff will also be entertained, also via email.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programing.

Thank you!

PS. What's my email address? Hint.

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