Sunday, February 25, 2007

Flora Cover Art!

Owen Richardson, the very talented artist who did the cover art for the US edition of Flora Segunda, has just posted images of the cover-in-progress.

I didn't see the artwork until the cover was done, so I the first two treatments are new to me. I have to admit that I really like Flora Sketch 4. She looks so furious--typically Flora--and very active. And while I think the in the final version of the cover the blue looks marvelously bright and vivid, blue is a color I always associate with Bilskinir, so I would have been just happy with the green wash, I think. (The Fyrdraaca family colors are purple and yellow.)

I have never met Sieur Richardson, but clearly just from his art alone, I can tell he's a super cool gentleman. And according to his bio, he named one of his daughters Ozma. How cool is that? Very cool indeed.

But--if you are still reading the CPG, Sieur Richardson--as I commented on your blog: do tell about Flora's hair! I am dying to know if it gave you as much trouble as it gives Flora.


Madison Stuart said...

The green is lovely, but there's something about blue that is so incredibly eye-catching. Seeing a book like that on the average shelf is like catching sight of a bluejay in the woods; some attracting mechanism in the hindbrain clicks on and makes you pay attention.
It's probably that curly hair is hard to draw! And manage, I presume. If I had curly hair, I'd probably end up cropping it off. (Only to regret the momentary lapse of reason the next day, because curls are lovely.)

Hope said...

Can you tell me: did your green Chie Mihara Truman boots fit true to size? Or run a little small or large? Thanks!!