Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Shop Smart, Shop S-mart!

So I'm in New York City right now, to do a reading at the KGB Bar tomorrow night (Wednesday!), and tonight Paul Witcover, Ellen Datlow and I went to see Evil Dead: The Musical. Now, we were in the fourth row, so we just missed the splatter zone, and believe me, those who were in rows 1-3 got splattered indeed.

I am a big fan of The Evil Dead movies, though my favorite of the three is Army of Darkness, which is the one where Ash goes back to fakey medieval times and kicks some serious Deadite booty with his 'boomstick'. The musical focuses more on the first two films, and it was pretty hilarious, very bloody, and over-all extremely well done. The lead actor did a great job channeling Bruce Campbell, though his chin didn't quite have the heft and bearing that Sieur Campbell's chin boasts, and the other actors, acting a la ensemble, did a great job, as well. The songs were snappy, though my favorite one has a title that I will omit here so as to maintain the pretense that the Califa Police Gazette is a family newspaper. I will note that the song was set to a tango rhythm.

Now I feel like getting out my chainsaw and watching Army of Darkness again.

"Klaatu verata nikto--hail to the king, baby." The Fort Gehenna Excelsior.

"They sing, they dance, they gnaw your guts out--with laughter!" The Pudding Pie Courier.

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