Friday, January 26, 2007

Hello Admiral!

I love John Galliano.

Udo and the Dainty Pirate would, too. In fact, Udo and the Dainty Pirate would kill for Galliano's admiral outfit.

And Sieur Galliano even did a pirate jacket in his 2001 collection. Although I think it might be a bit breezy on the quarterdeck, sometimes one must suffer to look beautiful.

Wanna be a pirate like Sieur Galliano? Here's the pattern, and here's info about the pattern. Alas, I must leave the sewing to Udo; I personally have no talent for it.

Galliano is brilliant and fearless, if there is ever a movie version of anything I ever write, I would grovel before him most pathetically in an attempt to get him to do the costumes.

(NB: For those wondering why Sieur Galliano is dressed like an old timey admiral, his current collection is based on Puccini's opera Madam Butterfly, which is about the doomed love affair between a 19th century U.S. Navy lieutenant and a geisha. I guess the uniform of a mere lieutenant didn't have enough gilt for Sieur Galliano. I have no explanation for the Little Lord Fauntleroy curls.)

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