Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Nice Review!

So, my Mamma has been spending all her time googling "Flora Segunda" and seeing what pops up; today she found a nice review at Death by Papercuts.

Scroll down to the December 4th entry.

I admit that I was not familiar with this blog before; but certainly it has extremely have good taste in literature! (Witness, also, the super good review of Madama Link's latest.)

Thank you very much, Madama Death by Papercuts!


Magen said...

dear ysabeau,
I am the girl on the cover of the book. I live in Sandy Utah, i loved your book i read it last weekend. i loved it, it was so so cool reading the book with me on the cover i felt like it was about me. flora is a really awsome character. I am in 6th grade and i told all my friends to read it. You should come to my school and do a book review. Your New Biggest Fan, Magen Lloyd

Ysabeau Wilce said...

Dear Magen:

Flora and I are glad that you liked her book--we curly-haired girls must stick together! I have to say that of all the reviews I've gotten so far, yours is my favourite! Thank you for the invitation to come to your school, but, alas, I seldom to get to Utah these days. If I ever do, I shall let you know--in the meantime, I think you have done a much better job with your book review than I ever could! As Nini Mo once said: Muchas Gracias!

Cheers, Ysabeau