Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fresh off the steamer Pantico, just arrived from Cuilihaucan, Sieur T.N. Wraathmyr, representative for Madama Twanky’s fine luxury goods, is pleased to announce he brings with him a fresh array of the most delicate and rarified items. 

His offerings include exquisite linens from Porkopolis; sweet perfumes from the Huitzil Empire; Varanger beaver hats, both fancy and plain; ribbands of all persuasions, in the season’s most desirable colors (sangyn, mouse-tum,  shocking pink, and green lily); bradstock bootees with red heels; painted silk brollies, small clothes of the most delicate nature, etc. 

Sieur Wraathmyr is staying at the Palace Hotel and will be happy to display his wares to those desiring to peruse his samples and place an order.

Notice placed in the Warlord’s Wear Daily, The Alta Califa, The Califa Police Gazette & displayed on broadsheets pasted around the City.

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