Saturday, April 4, 2009

Steampunk Jewelry

My super cool ancient friend Lisby (ancient in the sense that we have known each other for a mule's age, not in the sense that we are both ancient although we might be that too--happy to be crone-like and wise) has been making jewelry for also a mule's age, and very pretty lovely jewelry it is.

Now she and her jewelry making cohorts have branched out and are making pretty lovely super fantastically cool steampunk jewelry which you can drool over at her etsy shop Big Circle Designs and Steampunk Emporium.

I quoth from her own words, for she has said it better than I can: "Big Circle designs are diverse, encompassing the funky, the tribal, the mystical, the spiritual, the powerful, the serene, and the steampunk. Perfect for both the Venus of Willendorf and Romanadvratrelundar--and everyone in between!"

The pieces are lovely meldings of delicate chains and jewels with bits of the mechanical past. They would be sure to make any member of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen drool. Also, each piece has a very cool name, such as Chrononaut Badge of Meritorius Service; Time Machine Key; and Weeping Angels.

Who doesn't want a time machine key?

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