Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Finally, FLORA SEGUNDA has been shrunk and rewrapped and is now available in paperback. For reasons that I can't quite determine, it doesn't come up on Amazon if you search under either my name or the book's title, but it's in the great Amazon database somewhere, and so hopefully those who need to find it will find it.

The cover looks much cooler in real life; tho' I liked the hardback cover well enough, I have to admit to some pleasure that Crackpot Hall, rather than Madama Flora, is now the focus, and ever-so gothic-y, too!

I got some super happy blurbs, from super fab people, including Diana Wynne Jones, Kelly Link, Charles de Lint and The New York Times.


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RR2 said...

The cover does look very cool in real life. I have a copy sitting right in front of me!