Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bothwell's Booties

Now that it is miserable slushy muddy freezy icy outside, Bothwell has to wear his booties when we take long walks. He's not so super keen on these booties, but he's even less keen on slushy muddy freezy icyness getting between his toes, so wear the boots he must. Once he's got them on he usually forgets about them, but while I'm trying to wrestle his limp paw into the boot itself, Bothwell turns up the Misery until it could probably be seen in South Africa.

Life's tough.

Anyway, once we get on the street, so many people stop and ask us where we got the boots, that I feel safe in recommending them now to anyone who might have a dog with delicate paws. The brand is called Neo Paws, and I highly recommend them. The boots are sturdy, and if put on properly impossible for Dog to get off, no matter how high he prances and shakes his legs. The website has instructions on how to measure paws, and they are very easy to deal with--I initially bought the wrong size for Bothwell's back feet, but I had no problem exchanging; in fact, they didn't even wait to receive the old boots before they sent me new ones.

In fact, the boots are so good that they are used by Search and Rescue dogs all over the country. If that's not a recommendation, I don't know what is.

Neo-Paws also has rain-coats, seat-belts, and Doggles. I'm not sure that Bothwell is ready for Doggles, but if he decides to join Devilman on his motorcycle we'll have to talk...

p.s. Speaking of Bothwell, while we were out in the back yard earlier today he sniffing around some trees; when I called him back, he ran towards me joyfully, with the back half of a poor little rabbit hanging out of his mouth. Yuck! He didn't kill it--just found the left-overs, but still, disgusting...

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